Book Club

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THE BOOK: Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide Fame
THE AUTHOR: Conrad Kerber and Terry Kerber

This biography tells the story of Major Taylor, arguably the most popular athlete in 1907 and who, in 1899, became the second African American to win a World Championship in any sport and the first to do so in cycling. All achievements made despite living in an era that did not provide Major Taylor with the same rights as his fellow athletes, those fellow athletes who just happened to not be black.

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THE BOOK: The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate
THE AUTHOR: Peter Wohlleben

“But why are trees such social beings? Why do they share food with their own species and even go so far as to nourish their competitors? The reasons are the same as human communities: there are advantages to working together. A tree is not a forest.” This book answers the question “Are Trees social beings?”

RECOMMENDED BY – Christine Reid, Executive Director of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association

THE BOOK: How to Think: A Survival Guide for a World at Odds
THE AUTHOR: Alan Jacobs

In a world consumed by social media we have the ability to surround ourselves with people who think the same as us, who share our own opinion. Author Alan Jacobs explains how we don’t think properly, and we’re often uncomfortable with the act. He also describes how thinking should be slow, but in the twitter age we have the ability to respond instantaneously, and those two things don’t necessarily compliment each other.

RECOMMENDED BY – Jay Darby, BC Council for IMBA Canada

THE BOOK: StrengthsFinder 2.0

Knowing your strengths can be a key component of tackling the various tasks at hand in both your professional and personal life. Within an organization, it’s important that we’re a member of a team, and that’s where StrengthsFinder can be even more helpful, through not only knowing your but also know the strengths of those around you.

RECOMMENDED BY – Amanda Schultz, Brand Strategist and Founder of Lithia Effect

THE BOOK: Bossypants

There might be no bigger world in which women are locked out of then comedy. Tina Fey’s Autobiographical Comedy is not surprisingly, extremely funny. If you’re a fan of audiobooks then you’ll be interested in the audible version, which features Fey’s Grammy nominated narration.

RECOMMENDED BY – Danielle Baker, Freelance Writer and Communications Manager at BC Bike Race

THE BOOK – The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America
THE AUTHOR – Thomas King

Thomas King’s account of North America’s dark history surrounding it’s indigenous peoples is awkwardly uncomfortable, thought provoking and entertaining; sometimes all in the same sentence. Not only is the book important for all North American’s but for Mountain Bikers as well. As Steward’s and front line advocates for our colonized wild spaces we all need to understand our shared history and jaded past. Our first step is understanding, and only after that can we begin the process of reconciliation.

RECOMMENDED BY – Patrick Lucas, Founder of the Aboriginal Youth Mountain Biking Program

THE BOOK – The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
THE AUTHOR – Malcolm Gladwell

We often think of Pandemics as being negative, but many Social Pandemics can be good. Take for instance the shift in how we as a society view Smoking, or the sudden decrease in crime in New York City in the 1990s. In his book, Malcolm looks at the tiny, seemingly insignificant factors or factor that pushed these, and other pandemics past the tipping point.

THE BOOK – This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence
THE AUTHOR – Terry O’Reilly

Canadian marketing specialist, ad man and podcaster; Terry O’Reilly share’s his wisdom on Branding and Marketing. Although the examples come from business’s, big and small, lesson’s can be applied to non-profit trail associations.


THE BOOK – The End of Membership As We Know It
THE AUTHOR – Sarah L. Sladek

Taking lessons from Industry Associations, this book can help you understand how your Trail Association can remain relevant going into the future. Generation X and Y don’t feel obligated to purchase memberships like the Baby Boomers that proceeded them. And technology may have disrupted some of the services your organization once provided as being included in member dues. The world is changing and so should your association.

RECOMMENDED BY – Bruce Alt, Former President of the Central Arkansas Trail Alliance

THE BOOK – On Trail: An Exploration
THE AUTHOR – Robert Moor

A book covering a number of topics surrounding the common theme of trails, including the earliest remaining trails created by single cell organisms on the shore’s of Newfoundland, herding sheep with the Navajo or stories from through-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

RECOMMENDED BY – Christine Reid, Executive Director of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association

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