Book Club

If you’re interested in any of the titles listed below, then click on the image to purchase from Amazon. Front Lines MTB will get a royalty through Amazon’s Affiliate program and we can insure the longevity of the show.

THE BOOK – This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence
THE AUTHOR – Terry O’Reilly

Canadian marketing specialist, ad man and podcaster; Terry O’Reilly share’s his wisdom on Branding and Marketing. Although the examples come from business’s, big and small, lesson’s can be applied to non-profit trail associations.

THE BOOK – The End of Membership As We Know It
THE AUTHOR – Sarah L. Sladek

Taking lessons from Industry Associations, this book can help you understand how your Trail Association can remain relevant going into the future. Generation X and Y don’t feel obligated to purchase memberships like the Baby Boomers that proceeded them. And technology may have disrupted some of the services your organization once provided as being included in member dues. The world is changing and so should your association.

RECOMMENDED BY – Bruce Alt, Former President of the Central Arkansas Trail Alliance

Not a fan of the old fashioned book? Or perhaps you’re like me and you can’t just read one book at a time? My Kindle allows me to take my entire personal library on the go; whether I’m on a business trip, camping or at home, all of my current reads are right there. You can also add PDF files, which is great for papers and documents. And a battery charge lasts an entire month. What’s not to love?

Get the Kindle from Amazon Canada or Amazon UK

THE BOOK – On Trail: An Exploration
THE AUTHOR – Robert Moor

A book covering a number of topics surrounding the common theme of trails, including the earliest remaining trails created by single cell organisms on the shore’s of Newfoundland, herding sheep with the Navajo or stories from through-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

RECOMMENDED BY – Christine Reid, Executive Director of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association

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